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Understanding Employer Burden

Employer burden appears to be the topic of choice these days. Many of the FMS companies recently increased their employer burden rates from 16% to as high as 30%. Some FMS have even discontinued offering the co-employer model altogether.

Through focus groups, we discovered that consumers and IFs felt that the employer burden rate should only be what the legally required expense are (Social Security, Worker’s Compensation insurance, unemployment insurance – state and federal, etc.) and that the burden rate should remain constant. We believe these questions will fully explain employer burden.

  1. What is the employer burden?
  2. What expenses are included in the employer burden rate?
  3. Why does the employer burden rate vary between FMS?

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What questions do you have?

Which FMS model does Dromen offer?2024-02-25T01:31:50+00:00

Dromen offers all three FMS models – Bill Payer, Co-Employer and Sole Employer – although services vary by regional center. Please schedule a call with a company representative to further discuss which FMS models are available for you at your regional center.

Which regional centers are you approved with to offer services?2024-02-25T01:31:50+00:00

We are currently approved with Harbor Regional Center and have contacted other regional centers to establish contracts. We recommend you schedule a call with a company representative or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.

How much is the employer burden associated with the Co-Employer FMS model?2024-02-25T01:31:49+00:00

The employer burden is calculated to include the entire benefit package you want to offer to your employee.  An employer burden encompasses all expenses associated with hiring and maintaining an employee beyond their direct compensation. Please schedule a call to discuss FMS services to further discuss this question.

Do you offer health insurance and retirement benefits?2024-02-25T01:31:49+00:00

Health insurance benefits may be included in your employer’s burden if you wish although California requires a retirement plan such as a 401K or IRA be offered to every employee.  Please schedule a call with a company representative to further discuss your specific needs.

Do you require live scan and background checks?2024-02-25T01:31:49+00:00

Dromen complies with Welfare and Institutions Code section 4685.8 which requires that background checks be completed for individuals who perform direct personal care services, are required by the participant, or required by the participant’s financial management service company.

How long does it take for you to pay invoices under the Bill Payer FMS model?2024-02-25T01:31:49+00:00

Dromen remits payment typically within 72 hours and in many instances, payments are completed within 24 hours.

What if I just need someone to hire my employee as an agency so I can use another FMS?2024-02-25T01:31:49+00:00

Dromen is committed to supporting SDP participants in any way possible.  We are happy to hire to accommodate and help.  Schedule a call with a company representative to discuss this option.